Comfortable Pregnancy U type Pillows - Body Pillow

  • $ 46.70

Size of Pillowcase:125*70CM

Size of Pillow Core:100*50CM

Pillowcases: 100% Cotton

Pillow Core: Pearl Cotton

Feature: Anti-Static, Cooling, Anti-Snore


1.Although the size of pillowcase is 130*70cm, but after filling the pillow core, the sleeping pillow will     hold up a height ,so the length and width of the pillow will reduce ,usually there are 10cm difference, so, the size of sleeping pillow is about 125*60cm(L*W).for the material of soft peal cotton, the pillow has big ductility during the pack ,the pillow will be  Compressed into a small delivery bag, when you received and take it out from the delivery bag, the pill ow will smaller, if you see the size of pillow is 100*50cm, it's normal, you can dry in the sun, or shake it several times then the pillow will   recover to the original size 125*60cm

2. Colors may not appear exactly as seen on photo in real life due to variations 

    between the computer monitors and naked eye colour difference.

3. Pillowcase detachable

4. Pillow due to the transport process caused by extrusion will fold, which is a normal 

    phenomenon, ironing pillowcase on the flat